About TM Menards

When it comes to Home Improvement, decors and appliances, the most common name that comes to people in the United States is TM Menards. They operate in the Mid-West regions of the country, however, can reach throughout the nation. We wish to elaborate more About TM Menards and how it serves the clients here. Go through the details on the history of the company and its service range with the information in the post.

About TM Menards - history & services

About TM Menards – History & Services

Menards is a privately owned business that started out in 1960 by John Menard Jr. and headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, U.S. It is the third largest Home Improvement stores chain in the United States. About 305 locations or stores in 14 cities of the country accord with the services of the company.

The company provides Hardware, Garden Supplies, doors, windows finishers, automotive parts, home fixtures, decors, furniture, cabinets, fans, lighting appliances, etc. Moreover, to along with their services, about 45,000 employees find established jobs in the company.

The company also accommodates the needs of their employees to the best they can. Each Employee is provided with the Menards login credentials to their account. With this, there are several benefits that employees can access through the companies portal. Hence, these are some important things that readers should know About TM Menards. For more info, contact here.